Closed for Maintenance

La Mama Theatre, Melbourne

July 10 -13, 2014

as part of La Mama’s Celebrating Women Season

Echos of performances past lie under a think layer of dust in a derelict theatre. Is La Mama ready to share her secrets?

Created by Bronwyn Pringle, Melanie Liertz, Lisa Mibus, Pippa Bainbridge, Jack Beeby and Chris Molyneux

Photos by Deryk McAlpin

Closed for Maintenance was an immersive performance at La Mama

that explored our relationships with the theatre and the history of design

through a space created out of repurposed and reimagined theatrical artifacts.

“The artists bringing the venue to life through lighting, puppetry, sound and other magic include multiple award-winning artists from a range of disciplines”

– John Bailey The Sydney Morning Herald

Closed For Maintenance, a romp through the tricks and behind-the-scenes shenanigans involved in theatre design, led by a phalanx of female theatre technicians”.

– Cameron Woodhead The Sydney Morning Herald

“This kind of nostalgic celebration could have so easily been a static display or a panel discussion or a website, but Closed For Maintenance made it an experience; an experience that was unlike anything that had been at La Mama in the past and an experience that celebrated how La Mama supports and encourages experimentation, risk and art that refuses to fit into a neat and dull genre box”

 – Anne-Marie Peard Sometimes Melbourne

Clip by Rachel Edward

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