Created by Anna Seymour and Collaborators

Mini SPIN 2020

Preseted by Darebin Arts Speakeasy, Northcote Town Hall Studio 1, March 2020

Mini SPIN 2019

Presented by Melbourne Fringe, Trades Hall, September 2019

SPIN 2018

Presented by Darebin Arts Speakeasy as part of Melbourne Fringe 18, Northcote Town Hall Studio 1, September 2018

Winner of the Spirit of the Fringe Award, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018

Choreography Anna Seymour

Lighting Designer Bronwyn Pringle

DJs inclue Callum Padgham, Gretta

Performers Anna Seymour, Luke King, Robbie Burrows

Additional dancers for SPIN – Amanda Lever, Jon Clarke, Benjamin Hoopmann

Additional Collaborators – Bec Reid, Russell Goldsmith, Rhian Hinkley


Photos by Bronwyn Pringle

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