Colour Labyrinth

ArtPlay New Ideas Lab, Melbourne – June/July 2018

Boldy make your way through the Colour Labyrinth, and see what you can find. Don’t go too fast, as the colours change so do the drawings! Made by children for children and families everywhere.

Created by Bronwyn Pringle, Dan Goronszy and Sharyn Brand

With Jess Davie and Sayraphim Lothian

Photos by ArtPlay Staff

Turn on your tourch and journey thorugh the adventures inside the labyrinth.

How many treasures can you find?

Are there sories you can see?

Wheat do you discover when the labyrinth changes?

Colour Labyrinth is a self-guided, immersive experience created by children for children (and their adults). Each section is a new world made up by children and populated by their drawings. As the coloured lights inside the labyrinth change, images appear, disappear and transform. Children take control of the lights inside The Cave and chose the colour to leave for the next adventurers.

Colour labyrinth was created by 80 children, aged 5-8, in collaboration with Makind Space artists Bronwyn Pringle, Dan Goronszy and Sharyn Brand as part of ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab.

Video by Takashi Kondo

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